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Lepak sungguh kat sini

  It was indeed a beautiful evening. I sat at my window dreamily, gazing at the beautiful sky. I could see some of my friends playing basketball and tennis and some roller bladding. " I wish I could join them," I told myself. Slowly, I pushed my wheelchair away from the opened window. I tried to read my favorite comic but I just could not concentrate. My mind kept going back to the time that event happened. The incident that made me paralyzed for the rest of my life.

Even though it happened almost two years ago, the incident still lingers in my mind. It was late Wednesday evening. It was indeed a beautiful evening. The air was cool and the sky was blue. Suzie and I seldom went cycling on weekdays. But since it was a nice day, we decided to talk and joke together. We really enjoyed ourselves that we did not realized it was getting late. Suddenly, Suzie stopped her bike and then turned to me. "Hey Erin, it's 6.30 pm already. I think we had better hurry back now or else our parents will be worried.," said Suzie seriously.
"I agree with you," I replied as I turned my bike towards the direction of our houses.
"Erin, since we already late, why don't we race back? See who rides the fastest!" Suzie said with a daring expression.
"Oh come on Suzie…its dangerous to race at this time of the day. By the way, my bike does not have any lights", I answered Suzie. Suzie looked at me surprised. I knew she was startled to hear my answer. I was called "The Dare Devil" among my friends because I like to do dangerous thing that others did not like to do.
"Are you chicken?", Suzie asked with the expression. "Don't tell me you dare or not".
I was silent for some moments. Something within my heart told me not to do so. Every time I had this feeling something bad would happen. Suzie was still looking at me, waiting for my response. "Erin is chicken! Erin is chicken! Chicken! Chicken!
Suzie teased me as she flapped her arms just like a chicken. Her action aroused my anger. I clenched my fist to control my anger, even though I remained silent. " I must take this challenge. If not, I'll lose my pride, I am the Dare Devil, not a chicken," I thought.
"Okay, Suzie. I'll take this challenge. Whoever loses this race must be fined," I suggested as I held up my hands. Suzie just nodded her head and shook my hand. Then, we both mounted our bikes and got ready.

All this while, I did daring things like this, I never felt scared. I was usually proud because I was brave enough to do dangerous things. But this time, it was totally different. I could feel my heart pounding fiercely on my chest. My hair was wet with sweat. "Ready Erin? At the count of three, we'll start" , I heard Suzie said.

"ONE, TWO, THREEEEE…!!" I started padding my bike as fast as I could. Although it was dark, I could see the street dimly with the help of the streets light. It was almost half way to our house and I knew I was leading. I glanced back and saw Suzie gasping behind me trying to catch up.

I slowed down and waited for Suzie to catch up. When Suzie managed to catch up with me, I started to speed again. I was cycling so fast that I did not see a black dog lying on the pavement in front of me. But when I realized it was there, I tried to brake. Nevertheless, my brakes suddenly jammed. In order to avoid the dog, I swerved my bike towards the road. At the very moment, there was a very oncoming car in front of me. "Erin, LOOK OUT!!!" I heard Suzie shouted to me. Then, BANGGG!!! I fell unconscious on the ground.

When I awoke, I realized that I was at the hospital. My mummy, daddy and all other family members were there. I could feel the bandage on my head and my arms were in great pain. Mummy sat besides me holding my hands. "Mum, what happened?" I asked her in a weak voice.
"You were involved in an accident Erin. Luckily you are safe." Mummy said to me. Then I remembered that evening and the rest of the event.
"Luckily I am safe", I thought. Suddenly, I realized something was wrong, something that I could feel. I was just numbness and…..

I tried to move my legs and toes but I could not feel a thing. With all my strength, I tried to sit up in bed. Mummy and daddy helped me up so I was comfortable. I looked at both of them. There was a sad expression on their faces. I did not want to wait for their explanation. I pulled the blanket that covered my legs but could not feel a thing. Tears rolled down on my cheeks as I punched and hit my legs.

Daddy came forward to hug me and stop me. I let myself burst out crying. "Daddy, what happened to me? Tell me daddy!", I sobbed. Daddy hugged me tightly and said, "Erin, I know it's hard for you to accept it, but you have to accept what has happened". Daddy took my hands and looked straight into my eyes. "You were hit by an oncoming car and flung into the air. Luckily, you landed on a soft ground. But unfortunately…you injured your spinal cord…"Daddy's voice trailed off.

"Paralyzed?!" I said again with the tears streaming out. I shout hysterically as all the people in the hospital could hear me. My parents could only hugged me and asked me to calm down. Since then, I have to use a wheelchair to move around. Doctors advised me to go for physiotherapy but unfortunately all attempts failed to cure my legs.

It has been nearly two year I have been on this wheelchair. I really regret what I have done. There is no chance of turning back the clock and undoing what I have done. Now, I just have to live my whole life on the wheelchair. To friends out there, remember- do not ever do things that can ruin your life.

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