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Couron) menus!

Installing IE Count Text adds a new "Count Text" item to Micro context menus. Right-clicking instm that menu opens a small window displaying how many lines, words, and characters are contained in that field.

Click the "Count Text" item in the graphic example of I.E.'s context menxactly what you will see when you click the real you have IE Count Text installed. Feel free to alter the text in the text area.

Note: The text area above has a feature called "virtual wrap" enabled, as do most text areas on wne line. This does not mean a new line is started. IE Count Text only counts ACTUAL carriage returns to determine the amount of lines in the text.

IE Count Text is great for software developers or web site promoters who regulaes that limit how many words or charactersmore wasting time and getting sore eyes trying to count the text the old way!

If the IE Count Text window is open and happens to get buried under otheents updated should you click the "Count Text" menu item again.

The program is completely safe to use and does not alter I.E.'s program fileweb browser window, all of its content is processed and loaded locally from YOUR computer. Your text is not sent anywhere else for processing so your privacy is NOT compromised.

Note: Requires Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 or later.

Best of all, the program is absolutely free! Visit our download page and get your copy today.

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